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Rudely awakened by the alarm clock at the ungodly hour of 02:30 , a 3 hour drive  in the dark & cold of a winters morning , a walk along an unknown path with just the dawn chorus for company . 

WHY  ?

Because it makes me feel alive , it gives me the most amazing feeling of well being , refreshes  my senses & washes away the stresses of everyday life . I get to witness the most amazing views such as those below , at the best time of the day , when the world is waking from it's slumber & everything is fresh & clean .

Photography is my passion 

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Steetley Pier Dawn .

I blame the Isle of Man , specifically the TT Races ! Armed with a simple film compact camera & 6 rolls of film I started shooting the TT races , then discovered the joys of wildlife & Macro photography.

I never had any interest in Landscape photography , I admired all the wonderful images that appeared on the web but for the life of me I couldn't gel with the genre . Fast forward 5 years , on a trip to Cumbria with some very good friends , the penny finally dropped  . The scene above , of the boat reflected on a gloriously still Ullswater  took my breath away & I was hooked ....the rest , as they say , is History .

The journey is as important as the image 

I have travelled to many of the most beautiful areas of the UK , chasing the light , chasing the perfect image , always improving , always learning but , more importantly , always enjoying every single moment of being there , of feeling alive  & in awe of Mother Nature . My passion has also led me to develop a desire to travel - The Dolomities , Newfoundland &  Iceland to name but a few of the fabulous locations I've been lucky enough to experience .     


I had the good fortune to join a wonderful on-line photo community " Talk Photography " where I learnt a huge amount & entered their monthly competition in 2013 & 2014 . With a membership of over 60thousand I'm extremely proud to have been placed in the top 3  of the competition & had my images published  in the Ottoman Photography Books  for both years . You can see the images in the slideshow at the bottom of this page .

4 years ago I started my You Tube Channel to allow me to record my thoughts & feelings  when on my travels  and to hopefully encourage others to get out there & experience this wonderful world for themselves . My channel is steadily growing & developing into a lovely friendly community & it would be fantastic if you'd join me on my journey by subscribing , just click the red You Tube button  below .

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